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                                2014-12-24 14:08:54

                                Cut according to the quantity and size of working panel listed on the travel card

                                Edge grind to ensure smooth and reduce scratch by coating tracks and films.


                                Chemical reactions between brush track and surface of PCB by chemicals to keep clean and coarson the surface.


                                利用滚轮涂布方式在PC板双面垂直覆盖一层感光油墨  Put LPRI on the surface of PCB in vertical direction by track coating.

                                The PCB with LPRI expose in UV light which penetrates through films to transfer image from film to PCB  by photopolymerization.

                                Remove the copper in unexposure area and under film by developing solution and etching solution. And then strip the photosensitive corrosion resistant layer by solution to pattern in inner layer.

                                 利用CCD镜头抓取投射在板面上”反射光图像”原理﹐对蚀刻后的板面進行扫描﹐并与CAM图像对比﹐进行?#19979;琺p短路﹑残铜﹑缺口等不良点的判读 Implement AOI inspection comparing with CAM data by CCD to avoid open/short/coppper residue/nick defect and so on.

                                利用CCD抓取靶標中心,配合Spindle对靶标进行中心貫穿作业。Get the target centre by CCD and run through the PCB by spindle.

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