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                                2014-12-24 11:33:44


                                Edge grind to ensure smooth and reduce scratch between working panels.

                                Finished drilling the "PTH"and "NPTH"on the single-side.

                                Clear away burrs and dust by brusher and water rinse.

                                Remove the resin smear caused by high speed drilling in holes by chemical reaction to connect inner layer and outer layer.

                                非金属之孔壁沉积一层薄铜,使孔壁金属化﹐使上下铜层与內层铜相连通提供导电性 Deposit a thin copper in hole wall to connect the up and down copper with inner copper for conductivity.

                                Revert cupric ion to copper metal by electric chemical,which is to get the copper thickness on surface and hole we required

                                Clean away the oxidization on the board and dry the board surface to aviod oxidation.

                                Clean and coarsen the surface of board by brush track.

                                Attach the dry film to the surface of board after plating in high temperature.

                                The PCB with dry film expose in UV light which penetrates through films to transfer image from film to PCB  by photopolymerization.

                                分别用显影液及蚀刻液去除非线路、未感光的干膜及铜层,留下有感光干膜保护的线路,最后去除线路上的干膜,使外层线路显现;.Remove extra dry film and the copper and keep the pattern protected by dry film stay. Then show the pattern of outer layer by stripping dry film.photosensitive corrosion resistant layer by solution to pattern in outer layer.



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