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                                2014-12-24 11:04:58

                                Use halogen lamp as alluminant and shine in every directions.Get image data by reflected light and scattered light, and compare with initial data to judge the defect.

                                Remove the oxide、impurity and grease on the surface of PCB, then clean and coarsen the surface to add adhension between solder mask and surface.

                                Push solder mask on the halftone with scrapers and coat the ink on the surface of the board through gaps on the halftones.

                                使印刷后防焊油墨內有机溶剂挥发,油墨初步固化, 以便于后续曝光制程作业
                                Cure the solder mask with PCB by evaporating organic solvent to ensure follow-up exposure.

                                Use the energy of UV light to transfer the image from film to surface of PCB by photochemical reaction.

                                Put sodium carbonate on the surface of boards by developer to remove the solder mask without photochemistry by chemical reaction between solution and solder mask .

                                利用温度、时间等参数让油墨內的有机溶剂挥发,使油墨完全?#19981;?BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">Cure solder mask completely by evaporating the organic solvent with suitable temperature and time.

                                利用刮刀,借用一定的角度与压力推挤油墨﹐透过网版上网紗的缝隙,在板面上印刷出相应的文字或?#22336;?BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">Push silk screen on the halftone with scrapers and coat the characters on the surface of the board through gaps on the halftones.

                                Cure the ink on the board completely by UV light or baking according to speciality of printing ink.

                                Cut out panel profile,or shave part of board to meet the dimension requirment of customer

                                Make a V-shape groove in the middle of  two or above units for breaking on back-end process process.

                                Remove surface oxidation and  dust   after the Routing&v-cut



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